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Taking off what the media blaster left
Here is the tale of TWO 55 Chevy Hardtops! - can you tell them apart?
Car A is in great shape - needs to be smoothed
Car B is in terrible shape - almost every piece needs to be repaired, removed and replaced.
What a lot of work!  
Click on the pics to see a larger pic.
Getting into the details - check the firewall - before smooth insert
More sandblasting
Check out the pop rivets - before the new metal
Old quarter panel removed
Old quarter panel removed
Remove the rotten metal
Removed the toe boards and firewall
Ten inch trunk section, tailpan and brace ALL NEW
NEW quarter panel
NEW quarter panel
Lineup all the sheetmetal
New tailpan, new taillight section, great lineup
Delete the spare tire wheel well section
Putting Car A on the Rotisserie
Smooth firewall and on the rotisserie
Moved into the shop
Dave with Car A showing off the great rotisserie
Welding the holes shut to smooth out the quarter panels
No more fuel door - check out the taillight
Detailing the bottom of Car A
Taking off what the media blaster does not
Preping the fuel door for removal
CLEAN under the car - ready for the details!
NO more fuel door
So that is how you are going to put the fuel in - clever
Really smooth firewall
Bottom of the car painted
Tilting the car to make it easier to work on
Smooth quarter panels!
Really smooth joints
Car A on the rotiserry
Grinding on car B
Grinding on car B - getting ready to tub it
Smooth and primed car A - no gas filler flap
Car A ready to be tubed
Chad grinding the wheel well
Dave test fitting the tubs
Looks like a great fit
Finished tubing - looks great
Notes to make sure each one is custom
Car A finished tubbed
Custom made tunnel for Car B
Driver side of custom tunnel for Car B
Another view of the custom tunnel car b
working on the details of car a tubs
check out the inner part of car a tubs - working on custom back seats
Passenger side car A new tubs!
Welds complete, grinded smooth - great fabrication job!
GT Pro Street Art Morrison Frame in the crate!
Art Morrison Pro Street Chassis for Car A
Art Morrison Frame! Sweet!
Rack n Pinion, chrome plated A-Arms
4 link rear end with pan hard bar
GT Pro Street Frame under the body - getting ready for 1st test fit
Measuring for Rick's Stainless Custom Made Fuel Tank!!
Dave making sure custom fit for pro street frame on Car A
Pan hard bar, tubs and custom body work
GT Pro Street frame with custom trunk work
looking down the tunnel on car A
Test Fit, Test Fit, Test Fit BEFORE you paint!
Test fitting the GT Pro Street Art Morrison Frame
Art Morrison Frame!!
Looking from the back to the front
First test fit completed - now to the fine details
working on the center trunk section
pic from the back of the car
pieces for the rear end and 4 link suspension
making sure there is enough room for Rick's Stainless Gas Tank
looking at the tubs from the inside of the car.
driver side of the car after 1st test fit
Car B getting ready for test fit
Tremec Transmission for Car B test fit on Art Morrison Frame
Art Morrison Frame ready for its test fit
Back side of Car B
Dave and Chad pushing the frame under the car
LOL - Art Morrision marked the frame for Popular Concepts!
Car B-raising the frame to the body
Dave happy with Car B 1st test fit
Frame under car B - but items must be ground off before they match
Car B under the car
Test fit of tranmission goes great - plenty of room
looking good! after trim of firewall, nice room for fit
Test location of shifter
Rick's Stainless Steel Gas Tank test fit on the Art Morrison Frame!!
Great Fit of Rick's Stainless Tank on the Art Morrison Chassis
Test fit of LS3 Motor on the Art Morrison Frame
Sweet fit of LS3 motor on 55 Art Morrison Frame
All in the details! - Art Morrison Motor Mounts for LS3 motor on Chassis
Shiny headers! - gotta test fit - pan needs to be changed
We are learning how to use an Ipad - look for videos soon
Check it out from under the car - new tunnel
Looking at the header thru the cut out on the Art Morrison Frame!
This is why you test fit - need a new pan
Test Fit Car A Tremec HUGE transmission
Car B Art Morrison Frame on the frame rotisserie - getting prep for paint
Car B on the body Rotisserie
Car B bottem & frame both on rotisseries (car B getting cleaned up!)
Car B - look at those tubs - sweet!
Test fitting new tunnel for Car A! Getting ready for the LS9!
Car B top - NO MORE PITS!!! Elbow grease and Gem Rust Killer!
Prep of Car B Art Morrison Frame - getting ready for paint
Prep of Car B Art Morrison frame for paint
Dave with shiny PRC complete radiator, core support, filler pans
Shiny Core Support, Radiator, Dual Fans
Painted rear end covers
Preping fenders for POR15
1955 fenders painted POR15
suspension parts
Rear ends painted
Wow - that took many spray valves
Painted suspension
Car B top was Tie-Coat Primered
Tie Coat Primered
Sanding the primer on Car B
Sanding Car B primer
Ground, Sanded and getting ready for primer Car A
Check out those custom Tubs on Car A - getting ready for paint
Trunk with custom battery box - getting ready for paint
Car A custom tubs
Car A sanding primer - getting ready for more primer
Car B in Primer
Car B in primer
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